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So after dreading it for so long, I actually went and fixed my windup key. And it turns out dearly beloved was right it was just a loose wire that just needed to be soldered back in place.

I know I have a spare, but I really hope that it will be years before I would need to break that one out. Axeman doesn't have the motors anymore. I really don't want to go crazy trying to find the perfect speed, size and shape motor, again.

Especially after figuring out that the Aussie hair spray and conditioner bottles are the perfect size. I knew I bought spares tubes for the shafts, but I'll be dipped if I could find them. It was crazy just finding the right size and height bottles. As aussie is my preferred brand, don't have to worry about running out.

unless they change bottles....


Side of the road score! Again!

So, dearly beloved and I where driving out to smashburger yesterday.

we where driving alone when I just glimpsed a pile of stuff on the courner of someone's lawn. a clay colored swan, a tall planter thing and something that looked like a vintage fire extinguisher. I kept driving but admitted to M that I really wanted to go back and look. he rolled his eyes and said why not?

we pull over down the street and hike on over to the pile. there parked between the badly painted plastic swan and the tall wire planter thingy is an actual vintage copper and brass fire extinguisher. M picked it up and said, this is in pretty good shape are you sure that they are just giving this away?

well, I said, I do believe that the universal sign of free is stuff parked at the courner of the yard.

um, said M, we should ask. This extinguisher is nice. they wouldn't just leave this out here.

so we trotted up to the door and knocked. the lady confirmed that it was all for free.

oh, she says, keep checking there will be more stuff soon.

oh no! says M, don't tell her that!

I told him later that I would kind of like to re-do the living room with vintage and vintage-esk stuff.

he said, I'm okay with that. by the way, the extinguisher goes next to the TV

me, ok :)

needless to say, we now own a vintage extinguisher. no information on the company, but plenty of the same model. no body seems to agree what year this was made.

so we finally get to smashburger. we had coupons for a free burger when you buy a side and drink. I had grabbed four before I realized the expired so soon. as in today. so we gave the extras to another couple walking in. our day was made and we made someone else's! how cool is that?

as for the prior side of the road score....

a year on two ago I was driving home when I past a duplex house with a large pile of stuff dumped on the corner of the yard, right next to the 'house for rent' sign. cabinets, windows, a sad looking shelf and trash. a I caught a glimpse of what looked like a wood coloured office chair.

so, yes, I had to turn around.

I pull up on the shoulder and there is this....

the back is worn down to the backing fabric, the seat has a crack and one of the back wheels has been replaced. the good news,  the replacement wheel is clearly old, so this was an old fix. the wheeks all turn, the swivel/screw works and there is no other damage. it fits perfectly right next to my drafting table. happy, happy, happy!

It was only $30. Yeap. $30

So I had this crazy idea I was going to us my 20-ish year old foot locker as cross stitch storage. Move the end table out of the corner and I could have my stuff right net to my seat. How cool would that be?

Might have misjudged the large space, the small footlocker and proportions in general. It looked lame. Put a shelf under it? Shelves too small. Build something? Last build project didn't quite turn out.

Finally decide to go on Craig's list for a steamer trunk. Trunks are super hot home decor pieces right now. I was afraid that I wouldn't find anything I could afford. Surprise, surprise! I found some fairly good pieces at fairly decent prices! Honestly, I did not want restored or refurbished. I just wanted something solid, functional and not too badly mauled. I searched friday night in to Saturday morning.

Found a nice mid-sized trunk with original insert tray for $30. Down side? It was an hour into Wisconsin. one way. I want one but not that badly.

Found another mid-sized trunk with original insert tray for $30. Goodwill of all places. A closer look at the pictures relieved a shiny newer lock added right next to the original lock, drawer pulls screwed on to the side under the broken leather handles and no attempt to match finishes. Add in that the Goodwill pick up point was only open 9:30 to 2:30 Monday through Friday. Really? No wonder you have had that thing posted for a month.

Then an Andover listing. Pictures a little blurry, but nothing that looked out of place. Two inserts and $30. My derp moment was not realizing that the woman's number was listed under the reply button until late Sunday night. Called her Monday and she still had it. She was trying sell her house so she had to call me back. She confirmed it was $30 and we set up to stop over on Tuseday.

Super nice house, and she was a really sweet old lady. Showed us out to the garage where this waited.

Yeah, that is as much of a tank as it looks. The metal pieces were more ornate that the pictures showed. The leather straps are shot. One buckle is beyond repair. What I thought were insert trays are actually on armature that lifts the trays up when you open the lid. The middle tray slides back or both trays can be completely removed. She smells musty but not of rot. The paper is flaking off in parts, but the interior is original. The part of the cover for the top tray is long gone.

The clasps have chewed the lip of the box edge, but I understand how it happened and will be more careful.

I told the lady I'd take it. She went to move her truck so Dearly Beloved could get his vehicle closer, he asked me if maybe she mistyped the price. 'That's got to be like $300.' I confirmed it with her, and then paid my $30.

Went to dinner afterward with M and A. Giddy that this wasn't a fail, but an definite win! Two people have pointed out even in the shape she is in, this would still go for at least $300.

It's my Trunk, I'm not selling her. Tank the Trunk. :)

Was moving Tank around the living room, trying to fit it in. Just realized tonight, she has wheels!


And don't those look original!

Green, chaos and lessons learned...

Soooo, I know this a couple days past St. Patty's but I have a second to post real quick. St. Paul on St. Patty's? Make like a snake and stay out. The parade would only be truly fun if you were IN it. 2 each of Firetrucks, Bagpipe Marching bands, and Irish dancers. One group of motorcycles and no floats. Families walking galore. After the first five, you've pretty much seen them all. Not that we could see any of this. Suggestion for anyone that would like to see, go very early. Half hour before the parade starts and your stuck just watching the crowd. Yeah. The bars were all packed and the Irish ones were even worse. Ended up at Jimmy's and hung out for a while with Randy, Carrie, Troy, Brian and his wife. It was a better end to the night. Next year, I just want to go to one of our local pubs with Mike and Kim. We'll just sit and bullshit like before. 

My dress was popular, made the City Pages slide show. Marshall said that I didn't hear all the comments and I know I caught a bunch. Had my picture taken by quite a few people. Marshall said that this one lady even poked my bustle! I'm sure she was wondering how much 'fluff' was back there. I'll probably embellish a bit more, but the dress is complete enough to wear. Oh, I need to make a better purse.

Next project, dressing room chair.

Super-duper productive!

Got the shelves in the kitchen done. Organized the boxes in the library. Their not all unpacked, but at least now you can see the floor! I dare say there is enough room to through down an air mattress in there. Not completely done. The silverware art was pulled down. It didn't really have the look I wanted. Plan G.... or is it M. Lost track there. Plates! The antique letters are almost done. Kind-of had to toss all of the pieces for the SP outfit on the manikin. Trying sooooo hard not to get distracted. Thought I could pull this one off by just using scrap. Not so much. Going to try to keep it on the super cheap.....

Drunken posting from the boat.

So, just cause I can. Rambling from the nort'.

Come to the conclusion I shall become a cheese snob. Beer too bitter. Wine too whatever. Love food too much. Cigars too stinky. Cheese is good. Due to some-timers (It's not Alzheimers, yet) I probably would benefit from actually posting what I buy. I think I am going to enjoy this! So far, I am in love with Byerlys cheese counter. Cub is trying and Aldi is flirting with it. Byerlys is the best for the moment. Have had a provalone that was stronger than I expected. A goat cheese that wasn't anything like feta. A havarti that was just perfect.

Drunk and sleepy. Got a few more holes in the boat fixed. Watched boondock saints. Drove the country side and had a drink at Huddle's resort. Put together and make my bed.

Then put myself in it.

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waiting for the spoon to drop...

Got my crafty on in the last 2 weeks. Fixed up the windows on the front door with stain glass paint on gel. Bought letters to do the kitchen wall. Came up with silverware art for either side of the window. Originally had a problem with the stuff sticking to the glass. Command strips, baby! 

Yesterday was a bit of a day. Drove to Walker and back. The trailer idea for the boat was officially taken behind the woodshed and shot. (No point in getting a trailer if Marine Max has no way to pull it.) And my poor baby got a ticket. Ack-poo. :P

Short post. Going to bed. 

Time for the monthly post. Oh, wait...

 Gotta stop going in early. It's nice to get that hour head start, but if I keep getting up early, I could get a work out in the morning. I did it when I was going to curves. Same thing, only with out the noisy biddies. Oh, and the drive. Think I might try after I get all the notes updated on the spread sheet. What I have to do is get in the habit of writing notes right away. It's easier now with the spread sheet. And finding info is a snap. Hopefully the numbers will start reflecting that. T was talking to J by my office friday, he said something to her about the sales going up and then kind of leaned over to my door and said you'll have those numbers down in 2 months, right? He kind of said it a kind and joking way, so I'm not completely freaking out. But it's a very good point. Two months. Eeep.

Just a short post, maybe more tomorrow....

Life happens. To me. Alot.

 I so keep wanting to come on and post. I mean I pay for the damn thing. Ach. Okay one massive one cause I don't feel like going back to pastpost. HAH! My nerd cred just took another shot in the ass. I just figured out the Rich Text vs the HTML. Dur. 

Right now feeling pretty good. After St. Patty's day, going out Friday with Mike and Kim, and fighties last night. I had figured that I would be talking my liver off the roof. It's nice after all of that to have a day I don't have to do an effin thing.

Went to Le Courdon Blu for their Irish delicacies demo. I thought it would be uber cool, even thought the drive was 50 minutes. On a Saturday. Anne had to work and Marshall was like it's your thing, I really don't want to go. Okay, whatever. Saw of all things 93X's truck out in front of the joint. Really, I'm not thinking that there is quite a few people there that like rock. But hey I've been wrong before. It was kind of funny when a little old granny lady walked up to their table of stuff for sale and asked what they were. The demo was packed they kept having to bring in more chairs. I felt really awkward, being alone. We all sit down in one of the class rooms,. The Instructor was a nice guy, but I'm afraid I really didn't want to spend the first 20 minutes hearing his life story. More cooking, less talking. After all of that, I find out it's Irish stew and soda bread. What?! That's it?! Really, WTF!? I was pissed. I will admit I did learn a few interesting tidbits, but nothing that was worth it. I stormed out as they were serving it. Surprisingly I wasn't accosted on my way out the door.  

Got my hair done. Regency just got in a new color line. It's supposed to be more vibrant longer lasting. We'll see. I had stopped in earlier to set up an appointment and make sure that They had the new stuff. Even they weren't sure if it would be delivered on the date they were promised. So I'm asking about it the part timer's instructor says, oh, I know you!. (aw, jeese) Your the one with the problem red hair. We were talking about you when the stuff came in. (Just effin great. Their really gotten sick of me.) We think we have the color figured out with the new stuff. (yeah?) When I came in, the girl was a little miffed that Patty and the other instructors were figuring out the color without her. I told her to go get nosy. I'm going be one of the hardest concoctions you'll see. She was a nice enough girl. Still having that odd lightening underneath. Will have to fix that on the next go round. 

Had a blast at the auto show. Came to the conclusion we need a new camera. I was trying to get cool shots, but they weren't quite coming out like I expected. They had a new paint color this year. Black with fine dark rainbow colored flakes. I proclaimed that was my favorite color. Then I found a 2011 Cube, with the same effing color. Bastards! We found the Valspar House of Kolor booth. I about died. They had all of their colors on these little plastic car bodies. I took a picture of the booth. One of the sales guys was there, and I told him I was a color junkie. He looks at me and says, really? Wait here. He goes be hid their curtain and brings out a technical manual. I was floored. He just gave it to me. It has all the colors and how to use them with the standard paint sprayer and an airbrush! I have been trying to come up with something I can use these colors on. Their just too beautiful. I might have to get a good airbrush. Great another addiction. >.<

Bowling on Wednesday and the stupid bowl return damaged Skully. Long scratches and a couple of little deeper ones. When you looked at all the balls lined up in the return, you could see the patterns were all the same. I was freaking out that he was damaged. I figured a couple of years I would retire him and get a new one. Marsha, the girl on the other team was like, oh it'll be fine. they can resurface them 2-3 times before the graphic is in any danger. So I brought it up to the managers. Who so didn't want to come to the desk, the shoe guy kept calling 'em. I told 'em I was up set, this was a Christmas present from my husband. The one manager was like , well it have scratches before. I pointed out all the new ones. Their all effin white! Well, I can move you all. Dude that is up to the rest of the teams, see I don't care any more I'm playing with a house ball. Don't care if that gets damaged. Well, he says, what do you want me to do. Marsha chimes in, how about resurfacing? Okay, fine, he says, but you'll have to leave him here. Can't say it's not odd to walk out with an empty bowling bag. Thursday the shop called and said, can't do it it'll will remove the entire graphic. "Oh, don't know why they sell them, their so easily damaged, they just sit on my shelves, blah, blah, blah." Too bad my phone was having issues, I so wanted to say wow you must have been thrilled when my dumb as walked in to your store and fell in love with it. Didn't quite think to mention that to me then, did ya? Bastards. I picked him up Friday, and stormed out. I'm going to try the waxing trick to see if I can make him look pretty again. Think I'm going try to find another ball.

Thursday, wore my St. Patty's day outfit to work. Everybody loved it. Got a thumbs up from the Vise Pres. We ended up going out to Wild Bill's instead of Paddy Wagons after. Marshall pointed out it was closer. Bummed it wasn't even an Irish-ish bar, but I really wanted to go out.  We ended up bumping in to a couple of the the Babaneau Boys. One just moved just south of us in Blaine. Poor guy had just made an offer on the place before that storm that took out part of our fence had gone through. Thought he was going to have to go looking again. as were standing there talking to him. I hear someone behind me. I turn and this guy is like, I must say that is a really nice out fit. "I really want to be Irish right now." I couldn't resist. Sorry to bust your bubble pal, but this guy is my husband. He looks up at Marshall and yells 'God Damn it!' Really, I get a little sick thrill doing that. 

The Head cheese walked into my office Friday to drop off a fax, and says did you go out list night? Um, yeah. Then he said some thing about getting free drinks from the bar because of the outfit. (I wish!) I'm afraid not. I would so love to be some bars Irish mascot. Really, you don't have to pay me. Just get me drunk and feed me. I'll learn a smattering of Gaelic and pick up softshoe. I'll memorize Irish toasts. It would be awesome. 

Next year Kim wants to do an Irish Bar crawl downtown. I want to go to the Parade. Thank God it falls on a saturday. 

Wow, Really big post for me. :)
Needless to say my fears of finding parking were unnecessary. We got to Walker yesterday at 8:30ish and there were plenty of spots. By about 10 they were pretty well gone.
The party is definitely smaller. I feel sorry for Randy and anyone else who made it up for the first time this year. There are a lot of people who stayed home due the parking ban. We were coming up either way. I paid a $100 deposit last year and they wanted the rest of the money in January. I don't care if they canceled the effin thing. We were going.
We are in the same room as last year. I still would love to have the room that we had the first year, with that awesome pic of Vissalia the beautiful. Oh well. We are going to try to reserve a larger room for next year. Hopefully we will be able to fill it.
After we got here yesterday we walked to the liquor store and super one. It wouldn't have been so bad if the wind wasn't so nasty. Sliced right through ya. We wandered around for a bit. The guys started drinking at 11. I couldn't do it. I knew I'd be passed out by 4. I still ended up trying taking a nap to get rid of a persistent headache. Marshall was trying to be sweet and snuggle with me a bit, but he ended up crashing. Randy called and woke us. It turned out to be perfect timing. We bumped in to Pat and Diane. Five minute later we bumped in to Deb and Andy. We had a blast. While I felt better from my nap, Marshall was starting to go down. He went up to the room and crashed. Randy wanted to do the Walker Wobble, but Marshall said not without him. So after going down to the tent and realizing Randy was so not dressed for the ice, I hauled him over to Zona's. It was a blast! The bartender caught my reference to the Princess bride. We came back and just crashed.
Tonight the Wobble, the ice and more boozin.