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Okay, you know your tired when you want to go to live journal and instead type in 'facebook login' and can't figure out why it wont let you log in. >_< Really.

Got some new jewelry stuff. Realized what a disaster my supplies are. Emptied out four organizers of pony beads. No, I don't know why I bought them. I had this stuff in storage, since before we moved in to the trailer. What ever crazy idea I had for the has long since gone from the sieve I call a brain. I checked eBay, the stuff isn't really selling. Options would be macramé or crochet, but that's an awful lot like knitting and i wasn't very good with that. I just dumped them in plastic bags and tossed them in a box. Need to re-organize my stuff. I have more that I want to buy. Need to do something with my jewelry box, too. Need to put all the new prettys somewhere.

Oh, and the one downside to the cement floors? Beads pick up speed after hitting it. I dropped a bunch of beads and have no earthly idea where they landed.

oh, duh

JUST realized the date on live journal was wrong. Went to the FAQs and figured out it's my computer. I have no idea how long that has been off. If I had any kind of geek status, it just took a shot in the foot. :P

Anywhoo, didn't drop anymore money today. Talked my self out of item by thinking of how much more jewelry stuff I could buy. Of course that is provided I can get my craftcave in at least working order. I had no idea how much fabric, scrap and otherwise, I had. A bunch of stuff that shouldn't have been in there, my missing corsets and randomocity. Surprisingly I only have 2 junk boxes. I figured I would have a half dozen. Still can't quite decide what to do with the walls. I was just going to hang everything I've collected and then figure it from there. Turns out the scotch hanging gel things don't work that hot. It peeled the paint. After all that work. Bastards.

Sketched out the drafting table. It would have been easier if I had a table to draft it on. And who said irony is dead.

Work was busy. It's pretty much going to be the story of my life. Don't get me wrong, it's a fair trade from the phone. I'm sweating a little. Someone (I didn't peek) printed out the past due report. I'm not sure how I'm doing on that. I've gotten payments, but with month-end the remits are a little behind. Until those get entered, I'm not going to know for sure who has paid what. I should write them down when I'm sorting. Maybe tomorrow. And next monday, I think I'm going to sneek over and see if I can get some of the checks earlier.

Trying to be good. Trying.

Didn't go out yesterday. Well not until late. Hit Red Lobster for the all you can eat shrimp. Marshall's right, they have pared down the selection. It's kind of a bummer.

There was a lot of snow. It flattened all the bushes. The poor things. It did a number on some trees, too. But none in our neighborhood. We must have gotten about 6ish inches. When we were driving down yesterday, we watched a guy hit his breaks hard, and the half foot of snow on the roof of his car relocated itself neatly on his windshield and hood. I thought it was funny.

went out today for more pants. Yeah, I ended up buying other things. I finally got a nice pair of plain black pumps. Almost got a more expensive pair (with a dorky bow on the toe), talked myself out of 'em and found a cheaper, better pair at Unique. Didn't end up finding any pants that fit me right. ~sigh~ Did see a couple of items that I keep going back to. I might stop on the way home tomorrow and pick them up any way. I have 20% off coupons. It some really cute stuff. I really need to not spend money, but....

Ack! off to bed.

Cold & snowy or warm & cozy?

It's 30 degrees and blowing snow. It's icky to say the least. Buuuuttt what better time to go shopping? Only people out there will be die-hards. Traffic should be marginal, so I could go as slow as I want. I have been waffling about an hour now. And polyvore is soooo not helping. I keep finding things that I would so wear. Of course, it's all hiding under the pink, pale frou-frou stuff. After all of that, I think about heading down to the craft cave and shuffle stuff. ~sigh~

dead pods, leaky boats and broken chairs

Ipodasauris Rex is dead. The old wack on the table trick isn't working. Don't know if the apple store can referb it. Am thinking of just getting a new one. Hoped to get a little more time out of it, so I could get a new phone first. Guess not.

Boat STILL leaks. Pulled off the rail last weekend and tried sealing up the holes. The idea was to dry it out. The reality was half a shoebox full of water. Tomorrow will head in to town and try to come up with plan K. Or is it L?

As I'm posting, dearly beloved broke one of the cheap chairs. No free beers for that honey.

I really need to go to bed.

Mama's got a brand new....box.

We officially own the Cube. The shock of it all. I still find myself with a dorky grin on my face. I couldn't wait to get out of work today, so I could drive home. The dealership took a bit longer than we expected. The Monthly payment that Morrie's came up with was better than the credit union's. all of them. It is with Wells Fargo and they have the mortgage, too. The paperwork guy said he's seen that before. Marshall ponied up for undercoating. The rest we can do our selves. We've never had anything new. This is cool.

Oh, the insanity of it all....

The closing, move and life in general for the last two weeks has been just on this side of completely crazy. I will past post when I have time. Got to sort out the stuff in the house and get the stuff that we're selling ready for sale. May 8th is the deadline. The boat goes in the last week of April, the weekend before we have to de-tarp and the weekend after we have to bring her home.

Have to get on here to post more. I soooo want to look back on this a year from now and laugh.....

My life....in boxes

Feeling a little odd. Boxes. Everywhere. Crowding out each other in the kitchen. Creeping out of every corner. Peering over the edge of the bed. Except for a few stray items, waiting for a place in the great construction or just simply forgotten, we're almost packed.

I forgot how the rooms echo. It's such a hollow sound. Sounds lonely. The last time I heard this was 13 years ago. Trying to remember if the apartment echoed when we left.

Was I nervous then? I remembered I was worried about getting park approval. The money didn't seem to bother me as much. It's not as real. Okay, maybe not as real, but it's not as scary as coming up short at the end of the month. The sum of it all, is oddly out there, away. I just know that the bills must be paid on a certain day. Not meeting those dates is what frightening. I know we'll be fine. We've sorted out the bills and now I have to adhere to my budget. Something I should have done years ago.

It's so going to be worth it.

way too much for a quickie post....

Got listing agreement for trailer. Got purchase agreement for May 1st for trailer. Asked to view 30 houses. Walked through 4. Made offer on second house. Pothole ate tire (booo). Got tire fixed for free (yeah)! Started another Victorian outfit. Got to see Diana (yeah!)Bank made counter offer. We accepted counter offer. Worked, went to dinner with family and hit a zombie party all in one night. Finished enough of victorian costume to wear in public. Hit MarsCon. Went to GZ. Snuck Diana and Mica in to new house. Posted pics. Started St. Patty's day costume. All in about three weeks. Give or take a day.

Life happens.

To us.

A lot.


First of all, just because we live in a trailer DOES NOT MAKE US TRASH! Yes, we have lives. Yes, we expect to be treated with just a little courtesy. Yes, we think the damn thing is worth the price. We are selling because we can now afford a house. Not because we lost a job, underwater or just can't afford it. So all you 'salespeople' can just bite me.

And while I'm ranting..... How is it now that I finally have the front bedroom clean and well organized and I still am losing things? Six pieces of fabric for my new jacket have gotten legs and wandered off. I've checked everywhere. I had everything all neatly together. (I know. Me. Organized. Hell had a dip in the temp.) I'm starting to get the hang of this whole work neat thing, and I still lost pieces!!

~crawls off soap box~