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It was only $30. Yeap. $30

So I had this crazy idea I was going to us my 20-ish year old foot locker as cross stitch storage. Move the end table out of the corner and I could have my stuff right net to my seat. How cool would that be?

Might have misjudged the large space, the small footlocker and proportions in general. It looked lame. Put a shelf under it? Shelves too small. Build something? Last build project didn't quite turn out.

Finally decide to go on Craig's list for a steamer trunk. Trunks are super hot home decor pieces right now. I was afraid that I wouldn't find anything I could afford. Surprise, surprise! I found some fairly good pieces at fairly decent prices! Honestly, I did not want restored or refurbished. I just wanted something solid, functional and not too badly mauled. I searched friday night in to Saturday morning.

Found a nice mid-sized trunk with original insert tray for $30. Down side? It was an hour into Wisconsin. one way. I want one but not that badly.

Found another mid-sized trunk with original insert tray for $30. Goodwill of all places. A closer look at the pictures relieved a shiny newer lock added right next to the original lock, drawer pulls screwed on to the side under the broken leather handles and no attempt to match finishes. Add in that the Goodwill pick up point was only open 9:30 to 2:30 Monday through Friday. Really? No wonder you have had that thing posted for a month.

Then an Andover listing. Pictures a little blurry, but nothing that looked out of place. Two inserts and $30. My derp moment was not realizing that the woman's number was listed under the reply button until late Sunday night. Called her Monday and she still had it. She was trying sell her house so she had to call me back. She confirmed it was $30 and we set up to stop over on Tuseday.

Super nice house, and she was a really sweet old lady. Showed us out to the garage where this waited.

Yeah, that is as much of a tank as it looks. The metal pieces were more ornate that the pictures showed. The leather straps are shot. One buckle is beyond repair. What I thought were insert trays are actually on armature that lifts the trays up when you open the lid. The middle tray slides back or both trays can be completely removed. She smells musty but not of rot. The paper is flaking off in parts, but the interior is original. The part of the cover for the top tray is long gone.

The clasps have chewed the lip of the box edge, but I understand how it happened and will be more careful.

I told the lady I'd take it. She went to move her truck so Dearly Beloved could get his vehicle closer, he asked me if maybe she mistyped the price. 'That's got to be like $300.' I confirmed it with her, and then paid my $30.

Went to dinner afterward with M and A. Giddy that this wasn't a fail, but an definite win! Two people have pointed out even in the shape she is in, this would still go for at least $300.

It's my Trunk, I'm not selling her. Tank the Trunk. :)

Was moving Tank around the living room, trying to fit it in. Just realized tonight, she has wheels!


And don't those look original!



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